English terms of application

The second edition of the Sacré Burlesque Festival will take place from November 4 to 6, 2022.

LIVE SHOW ! No a online show !

– Application open February 01, 2022
– Application on June 01, 2022
– Announcement of the selected candidates on June 20, 2022
– The programming will be revealed from 01 August 2022

Please read the instructions carefully, complete all mandatory sections of the form:


Friday, November 4:
– Burly market
– Photo Expo
– Beginners show « Cuvée 2022» + guests

To apply for the Beginners show, you must have less than 3 years of stage experience.

Saturday, November 5:
– Workshops
– Burly market
– Photo Expo
–professionnals show « Millesime 2022 » + headliners

To apply for the professional gala, you must have 3 years minimum of stage experience.

Sunday, November 6:
– Workshops


High quality numbers, solo or duo of any kind Burlesque, boylesque, draglesque, singing, etc.
Show us your universe!  we want heart and soul!

We also encourage young artists (less than 3 years of stage experience) to apply for the Beginners show. 

We would be honoured to be your first international festival.

Numbers (acts)  should be between 4.3 minutes and 6 minutes maximum.

Any numbers with glitter and liquid must be clearly specified in the application and such acts may be refused depending on the type of projection. Make sure you have an alternative if necessary (to be specified in the form).

Fire numbers are not allowed.


Participating in the festival will bring you an incredible experience, contacts, new friendships and the opportunity to mingle and learn from the burlesque community.

The artists will receive a free pass to attend all the shows (except workshop).

The artists booked for the professionals  shows which will take place on Saturday, November 6, will receive a compensation  of 100€ on presentation of invoice. This invoice must be sent to us by email within fifteen days following the festival. The compensation will be paid by paypal.

Artists participating in the beginners show on Friday, November 4, are not paid.

The winner of the Beginners show will participate in the Professional Show on Saturday, November 5 and will receive many gifts.

The night of your performance is supported in our partner hotel (for non local).


The application fee is 15€.
They are non-refundable and must be paid for consideration.

Use the Paypal link to pay for your registration and send us the confirmation of payment, with your stage name in object on this email : application@sacreburlesquefestival.com


Artists must submit a video of the number they are applying for.

We do not accept password-protected videos and/or videos with an expiration date.

These videos will not be broadcast.

A professional video team will be present at the event

By submitting this application, you agree that parts of these videos may be used by organizers to report on the event and promote future festivals and events.
Please note that we do not post videos of issues without the consent of the artist.


We need two photos with your application, we want a portrait photo (no selfie) and a full-length photo.

Please name your images by the name of your photographer and by your stage name and send them to us at the same time as your Paypal payment confirmation on this email: application@sacreburlesquefestival.com.

By submitting your photos, you agree that the images will be used for promotional purposes of the festival and that we have permission from.

Photos will be taken by professionals at the event. These will be made available free of charge to artists in high resolution.

We will first post photos in the private Facebook group to give you the opportunity to inform us of photos you would not like to see published.


There will be fantastic workshops given by our headliners that we encourage you to take as this is a unique opportunity to learn from the burlesque community.

The workshops are priced at 30€ per person.


There will be catering and refreshments in backstage.


We ask artists to promote the festival on all their active platforms and social media accounts. We encourage you to take many selfies, stories, videos, share them and tag us.

The artists agree not to perform in Champagne-Ardenne, nor to give workshops a week before and a week after the festival, and during the festival weekend, with the exception of bookings that may be requested by festival organizers.

We expect our artists, as well as all those involved in this festival, a deep respect for others and their work. We will not tolerate any act and/or word that could harm anyone. 

The incomplete application will be refused. Please duly completed the form and dont forget to send us your photos and Paypal proof of payment by email –> application@sacreburlesquefestival.com

We hope to see you in November!